Best Drone With Camera Under $200 – The Force1 Drone

best drone with camera under $200

Not everyone can be like YouTube star and drone aficionado Casey Neistat. He’s rich and can afford any top-of-the-line drone equipped with a camera. But maybe you don’t want to spend too much on a drone. Maybe you realize you can get good quality drone footage for a fraction of the price that some people spend. Maybe you are looking for the best drone with camera under $200!


If that’s the case, this guide is meant to help you. There are a ton of cheap (price and quality) drones on the market, but there are only a handful of affordable yet high-quality drones out there.

Choose Your Best Drone With Camera Under $200

1. Force1 Drone With Camera And GPS Return Home

If you already own a GoPro, the Force1 drone is just for you. It’s basically your average affordable drone with a place to mount your GoPro. The sweet thing about this little guy is that you get a good amount of bang for not much buck. This drone can fly for about 12 minutes and can go as far as .6 miles away with good signal, all while doing flips and securely holding a GoPro.

The shots will not be perfectly smooth as it does not use a 3-axis gimbal, but it gets decent footage for air flight. The main factor is your GoPro -- how good is it? Does it do well with movement?

As cool as that sounds, it will require a bit of setup, which may not be a big deal to you. For example, you will need to install the landing gear if you’re going to be using this with your GoPro. Also, some users have complained about troubles pairing the controller with the drone.

If you do not have a GoPro already, there are probably other drones with built-in cameras that would work better for you. But if you do have a GoPro, the Force1 drone is a very good option.

2. Potensic T18 GPS FPV RC Drone with Camera Live Video

One big problem a lot of drone flyers run into is losing their drones. They fly into a tree and get stuck. They drop into a nearby body of water. They get lost in a big field with tall grass.

That is why the Potensic T18 is so awesome. It has Return-to-Home feature, which makes the drone fly back to you when its battery is low or the signal becomes weak. Several drones have a feature like this, but the Potensic T18’s is exceptional. On top of this, it has GPS-assisted flight, so you can see precisely where it is located.

And with about 15 minutes of flight time, you’ll have plenty of time to capture beautiful aerial footage and of course have some fun. It will capture decent 1080p HD footage, using 90-degree adjustable angles and transmitting the footage quickly to your device.

Many people get the Potensic T18 as their first drone and for good reason. It is easy to handle, captures good video, and is very difficult to lose. 

3. Drone With Camera Live Video FPV Drone With Goggles

Moving up in price and quality, the MJX Bugs 8 Pro is perfect for the intermediate drone pilot. The unique thing about this type of drone is that you pair FPV goggles with it, allowing you to see what the drone’s camera sees as you fly it.

It is pretty fast and powerful, the 3S battery giving it the necessary juice. However, there are two available modes so both intermediate and beginner pilots can use it: Angle mode and Acro mode.

The Acro mode has been known to be a bit sluggish with a delayed response time. So it may be best to keep it in Angle mode.

As for the recording video, the built-in 5.8Ghz FPV camera delivers HD video with a no-delay transmission. And you can fly this thing about 1,600 feet away, or a little over a quarter mile.

When it comes to FPV drone packages -- drones with corresponding goggles -- this is by far the most affordable. And as for the overall quality, the MJX holds up to the hype.

4. JJRC GPS RC Quadcopter Drone with Full HD Camera

The JJPRO drone is one of the better options on this list. Not only does it fly well, but it gets great footage.

When you buy this drone, you also get a flight battery, a phone holder, two sets of extra brushless propellers, a USB charging cable for the battery, a screwdriver, and a propeller tool.

This drone has a built-in full HD, 1080p camera, and wifi transmission. It has four LED lights embedded in it for flying at night, a GPS positioning system, and a one-key return-to-home feature, so it’s difficult to lose it.

Thanks in part to the high-capacity battery (which you can charge with a micro USB connection), this drone will fly for up to about 17 minutes, which is longer than any of the other drones on this list.

And right on the controller screen, you can see the battery life remaining for both the drone and the controller along with the flight and stick modes, the drone’s distance from you, its flight altitude and speed, and several other necessary readings. Having this all on one screen is a game-changer for drone pilots.

And as for the camera footage, there’s really no other way to describe it except to say that it’s top-notch, at least for a drone in this price range. The full HD camera (which is removable) records in 1080p, storing the footage on both the smartphone’s memory and the drone’s memory.

Overall, the JJRC drone is a great option for a high-quality drone with a camera under $200.

Final Word

Obviously, if you are going to spend less on a drone, you will not get the same features that the professionals or rich people will be able to experience. But not to worry, you can get a very good drone for under $200.

Best Offer

  • Built-In Full HD 1080p Camera
  • GPS Positioning System
  • 1-Key Return-To-Home Feature
  • check
    LED Lights For Night Flying

Have a nice flight!