Best FPV Goggles Under 200 Dollars – Real-Time Pilot Experience

best fpv goggles under 200 dollars

FPV Goggles Best Of 2018

FPV is an acronym for first person view and by far is the most visually satisfying experience of flying a drone. What was previously an incredulous fantasy is now a reality for drone enthusiasts! Thanks to the leap in technology over the last decade, the elite experience which was affordable only for a selected few is now within reach for everyone and for those in search of the best fpv goggles under 200 dollars.


Breaking down the working of FPV system

Similar to any piece of technology available in the market, the FPV market is flooded with companies, each claiming to have included a unique feature. At the crux, any piece of FPV system, regardless of the make, is composed of five components:

  1. Video transmitter (VTX): VTX is one of the components which decide the range of the video link. A VTX device’s primary function is to relay the video from the FPV camera to a connected video recording device which is then displayed onto the FPV goggles. VTX doesn’t influence the quality of the image in terms of contrast and color. The FPV camera decides video clarity.
  2. FVP camera: In the beginning, the cameras used for FPV flying were repurposed security cameras. Security cameras fit the bill to the T because they are lightweight, relay an image no matter the weather condition, and compact: the very traits for agility. A basic requirement to suit the needs of FVP flying is low latency making this equipment predominantly analog. FVP cameras are generally not capable of capturing high definition videos. To shoot an HD video, an additional attachment of any action camera like a Go-Pro is mounted on the quad.
  3. FPV goggles: Coming to the most important segment, FPV goggles provide the best immersive flying experience as compared to any other device or even monitors. More on that later.
  4. Video receiver (VRX): A crucial entity of the FVP system is the video receiver. The receiver, as the name suggests, receives the relayed video from the transmitter. Here the captured video is amplified, formatted and broadcasted. Any video related information captured by the drone serves no purpose if it is not converted into a usable form. A VRX works similar to the VTX but with the reversed function.
  5. Antenna: VRX and VTX units are supplied with linear polarized antennas. These are pocket-friendly, simple in build and sturdy. 

What are FPV Goggles?

A wearable eyepiece which offers an exclusive first-person view of the drone flight is offered by FPV goggles. For those who are uninitiated into the world of FPV flying, be prepared to be blown away by the real-time view offered through these goggles. Here, a camera is fitted on the drone to enable the flyer to pilot the course of the flight. The view offered through this device is similar to the one offered to a pilot through the cockpit. Since here you are visually aware of the drone environment, you are more aware of the view rather than a nondescript bird's eye view.

Why you need FPV goggles

Apart from the elation of real-time pilot experience, FPV goggles are more than just a fancy piece of technology. There are many practical applications for owning a pair of FPV goggles.

One major advantage offered by FPV goggles is the elimination of risk factors associated with line of sight (LOS) flight. Here, there is a minimal chance of losing sight of the drone when it flies in the path of the sun or when you’re practicing flying tricks. With FPV Goggles, you will never misjudge the direction of the quad facing, again.

An interactive experience offered by FPV allows you to fly higher and more aggressively. In a nutshell, FPV offers a thrilling flying experience reined by ultimate control a flyer can possess.

Best FPV Goggles Under 200 Dollars

1. Eachine VR-007 Pro 5.8G

Possessing a screen size of 4.3 LCD display, the VR-007 Pro 5.8G has a screen resolution of 480x272 pixels. The screen brightness is compatible with outdoor viewing.

The new additions in this model are an upgraded receiver with frequency display and power indicator. The eyeglass is customized with a 400-degree view and circumvents the need to wear an additional pair of glasses for a clear view. Ventilation offered by the soft sponge fit contours the face to provide an unrestricted view of real-time videos.

Buy your pair of VR-007 Pro 5.8G on Amazon. A feature-packed unit, the VR-007 Pro 5.8G has fared exceptionally well gaining a loyal fan base. A feature receiving the most accolades is the unit's lightweight.

2. Hobbymate FPV Goggles for FPV Racing Drone

It means good business when you get your hands on this dual display 960x240 resolution with automatic channel scanning. With these FPV goggles you can adjust the sight distance as well.

Compatible with the market prevalent 5.8GHz band, the diversity offered by the module's receiver stabilizes image quality. With a 5 star rating, the goggles offer features which are commonly expected with an expensive pair. Find your pair on Amazon.

3. Lightweight FPV Drone Video Goggles with HD Screen

What more could you ask for with a double antenna, AV input/output, easy adjustment settings, ergonomic design to naturally fit the curves of your face and with channel search options? If you’re new to the drone life, it’s a great learning experience with these goggles in hand.

You will not go back to the drone flying without FPV goggles once you've tested this pair out. Find your pair of Lightweight FPV drone on Amazon.


The choice between the three depends on your flying experience with drones. If you’re new, a great way to ease into the immersive experience is with a pair of Eachine Pro VR-004 5.8G.

Hobbymate FPV Racing drone is for those who’re looking at upgrading but don’t want to shell out a small fortune for great features. Seasoned fliers will surely appreciate the enhanced features offered by this amazing drone.

Lightweight FPV VR Swag Drone 4-UP is again, for those who’re new to flying. So beginners have a choice between the Swag Drone and Eachine.