How To Remove A Drone Stuck In Tree Branch

Drones are very common these days. From aerial videography to surveillance, it made impossible things possible. Drones are also used for recreational purposes. The number of people using drones is increasing by the day, and since we often go over them, one day or another we will happen to have our drone stuck in tree.


We have a number of cheap and expensive drones available in the market to choose from. Most of the mid-range and cheap drones are large enough to get stuck in the branches of trees and yet not large enough to fall by itself.

How To Get Your Drone Out Of A Tree

So, how to get a drone out of a tree is something all the professional drone pilots know. But when it comes to the small-time users, it is not something they have mastered. Some of the safest and most reliable ways to get your drones out of the trees are discussed below.

Note – We do not attempt rescues which are beyond our physical or mechanical capabilities.

Flexible and Small Trees

First thing first, you have to access how badly it got stuck and the type of branches it got lodged in. If the branch is thin or the tree is flexible then you are in luck. A strong shake at the trunk of the tree or the branch where the drone is sitting should drop it by itself.

There are different ways to get the tree shaking such as:

  • Using ladder for shaking – If the tree is small and flexible, you can keep the ladder at safe position (origin of a Branch) and after getting on the ladder till half you can shift your body weight back and forth. This will shake the tree and you will get your drone back. 
  • Using a long pipe or stick - first, you have to make a hook on the stick or pipe using another small piece of stick. Then use the hook for grip, you can shake the branch of the tree where the drone is stuck.
  • Using coir - Take a long coir if available and tie a stone at the end. Throw the end with the stone over the branch where the drone is stuck. Because of the weight of the stone, the end of the coir will come down. Hold both ends and shake the branch.

Don’t forget to keep a net or something to protect the drone from fall.

Less Flexible or Highly Branched Trees

How To Get A Drone Out Of a High Tree

If the tree is less flexible or highly branched, you can use ladders like a tripod ladder or other stable ones. After getting on the ladder you can use a small stick or pipe to get the drone out. If you are using this method, you have to make sure that there is someone else to hold the ladder while you climb it also to keep a bed down to protect the drone.

You can also use inflatable softballs to throw at the drone which will help to displace the drone. If your drone is waterproof you can use a hose to pump water at it which will also help to move the drone from its place. But before using the water pump you have to make sure that your drone can withstand the force of water you are pumping at it.

A toy bow and arrow is also handy if it is a short tree as the range of these things are less. Of course not the hard one. If at all you have only hard one accessible you can use some clothes to cover the tip to protect the drone. Tie a Kevlar or fish line on the end of the arrow and sent it over the branch. Use the line to shake the branch. You can also use a dart gun to do the same.

Taller Trees

How to get a drone out of a tall tree

Using larger poles - You can use a larger pole, but make sure that the weight of the pole is balancing easily. If no larger poles are available you can go for smaller ones and tie it up on other to make the required length. Here you have to tie the poles together strongly or else you won’t be able to balance the pole.

You can always get the help of someone with a bucket truck or a hydraulic lift that can safely lift you to the required height. There are rental shops that can be approached who provides with lifts available on hour basis. If the drone is very expensive then you can hire a qualified tree climber to get the job done.

Some of the things that you should not do are, trying to lift the drone with the help of another drone, throwing directly at the drone with stones or sticks, climbing the tree if you don’t have required skill. You should never use metal poles if there are electrical lines nearby. Using high force water pump may damage your drone even though it is water resistant.

So these are some of the safest and most recommended options if you get you drone stuck on a tree. Other than this you can use your skills and creative thinking to come up with an alternative. But remember, safety is important than getting the drone out. 

If you are a minor better get the help of a grown up if the tree is taller than you can handle.

If it is required to hire a help, it is better to access the expense of getting the drone out and compare with the market value of the drone. Sometimes it will be better to get a new one than spending on your old one.

If the drone is on a very taller tree and are difficult to get to, you can wait for a heavy wind, but this is less recommended as raining and excessive exposure to sunlight may damage the drone permanently.

Above all, a little caution may avoid getting into the situation like this. So it should be considered as first priority. If your drone end up on the tree and any of this ideas are not feasible, contact us and we will think at a better one so we will find out how to get drone out of tree.