High End Drone With Long Range Capability – Mavic Pro Vs Karma Light

high end drone with long range capability

Increasingly, quadcopters and drones or mini drones are being used for aerial surveillance, security purposes, taking photographs and making videos as they are compact, easy to operate and inexpensive. So many agencies, professionals and hobbyists are looking for a suitable high end drone with long range capability.


High-End Drones With Long Ranges Compared

As there are a large number of drones available for sale, it is difficult to choose the right drone. A drone with long range typically can fly at a distance of about 1 to 3 kilometers. Some of the factors to be considered while selecting the best drone with long range capability are:

  • The range of the drone
  • Size
  • Photos and videos quality
  • Price‚Äč
  • Flying time
  • Type of batteries used

and a few of the popular drones available are reviewed:

1. DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter Drone

The DJI Mavic Pro drone is compact in size and has a large transmission range. The blades of the drone can be folded when the drone is not in use, allowing the drone to be easily carried to any place as the folded drone is of the size of a water bottle.

The drone can be controlled using the transmitter over a distance of 7 km, approximately 4.3 miles.

The top flying speed of the drone is 64 km/hour or 40 miles per hour. The drone is designed for flying for as long as 27 minutes, though flying time may vary depending on speed.

DJI Mavic Pro is fully stabilised for high quality images using a gimbal with 3 axis. in fact, this high-end professional drone is equipped with a 4K camera for producing top quality images and videos.

DJI Mavic Pro 4k Camera

The wifi bundle included with the camera includes the viewer for virtual reality, Extreme Vue VR goggles. A pen type kit is provided for cleaning the LCD display, lens. 

Xtreme VR Vue Virtual Reality Viewer

Xtreme VR Virtual Reality Viewer

The drone can be controlled remotely using a mobile phone and wifi. The Active track and other programmed features allow the user to make high quality videos easily. The device has multiple vision sensors, including some redundant sensors, to help it avoid obstacles, increasing its reliability. 

A 32 GB micro sd memory card is included with the drone for storing photos and videos.

GLONASS, global positioning system (GPS) and vision based positioning, ensure that the drone is located exactly at the desired spot, both outdoors and indoors.

The Mavic Pro has a 24 core computer allowing it to process complex commands quickly. Some of the different modes of operation of the drone are tap to fly, gesture mode to take a selfie and return to home (RTH) mode which ensures that the drone will return to the spot where it was launched.

The battery charger supplied has two USB ports, so that in addition to charging the battery, the user can also charge the controller and the mobile phone used for controlling the drone.

2. Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter Drone

Cheerson CX-22 RC Quadcopter uses a six axis system for gyro stabilization, allowing the drone to be stable and allowing it to be easily controlled. Using the easy to operate and sensitive system, transmitter with four channels, the quadcopter can be made to fall and rise, hover at a particular location, move backward or forward, turn left or right, fly on the right and left side.

A protection system is provided for the fan blades for greater safety. The device has a maximum control range of 1300 m and can be used for flying for 25 minutes. A completely assembled device is supplied, no additional assembly is required.

For taking high quality images, the CX-22 Quadcopter has a 1080 P resolution camera installed. A memory card of capacity 8 GB is included for storing the videos, images.

GPS positioning feature of the quadcopter ensures that it can be moved to a specific point for making videos. The hover mode allows the gadget to easily shoot the images as required. The latest programmed features are incorporated to make shooting images, videos simple. A detailed instruction manual is provided for operating the quadcopter and making videos.

The controller has two different modes of operation, and require 4 AA type batteries. Two FPV antennas and one FPV charger are also supplied with the cheerson quadcopter. A suitcase and tool pack are provided for carrying the gadget and fixing any problems.

Cheerson CX-22 RC Drone 4 GHZ Remote Control

Cheerson CX-22 RC Drone 4 GHZ Remote Control

The white colored quadcopter is made from plastic and uses a brush-less motor. It is designed for professional use and by children older than 14 years in age. A European type charger is used for charging the 5400 mAH battery at a voltage of 11.1 V, and the charging time for the battery is approximately 180 minutes.

The quadcopter has four propellers and can be programmed to automatically land at a particular place. 

3. GoPro Drone "Karma Light"

GoPro Drone "Karma Light" was originally designed for the Japanese domestic market with the model number QKWXX-015-JK . The body of the drone is weighing 1006 g and the drone can folded while transporting it from one place to another.

The "Karma Light" drone has a total of six propellers of length 10 inches each. When the battery is fully charged, the drone can be operated for approximately 20 minutes. The transmitter of the drone has a range of 3000 meters.

The black coloured Hero 5 Karma harness, mount ring and grip handle are supplied with the drone. The stabilizer is also supplied with the Karma drone, to help in taking high quality photos. videos.

The camera for the Karma Light drone is sold separately. The camera stabilizer allows the user to take high quality images, make videos of the land, sky and other places without any blur. However the stabilizer can be removed as required.

The karma controller has a bright touch screen display allowing the user to get a first person view of the images captured by the karma drone.

Karma Touch Screen Display Controller

Karma Touch Screen Display Controller

Even when there is less lighting, the images in the controller display will be easily visible to the user. The controller is similar in design to gaming controllers, easy to understand and use.

The drone is supplied with a case, which is light in weight, so that it can easily transported. Using the drone is simple, only the propellers have to be fixed and the drone is ready for use,

For training a new user, a flight simulator and tutorial are also provided, so that a person with no experience can easily operate the drone. Landing and take off of the drone can be automated using the button provided.

Auto-return function: even if the battery power level is lowered, the controller connection is lost or the drone is out of the range of the controller, the function for automatic return, ensures that the karma drone will safely return to the pilot.

So depending on the price, features and availability, the best long range drone should be selected. More information is available by visiting the Amazon site (this page contains affiliate links).