Waterproof Drones That Follow You: Flying In The Rain

waterproof drones that follow you - spry drone

In recent times, waterproof drones that follow you have been an emerging trend among the general public, to record and get beautiful footages on various subjects. You can get a shot from all the different angles of your activities such as hiking, skiing, kayaking or even just a simple tanning session by the beach. The growth of waterproof drones among content creators is also going to steer the industry to fully using drones not far into the future.


Everyone needs their own personal drone to notch up their game a little bit more but not everyone knows how to utilize the waterproof drones, for example:

  • Which brands and types to choose from?
  • how to generally handle the machines?

Origin of Drones

As for the term "Drone", the meaning of "pilotless aircraft directed by remote control" is from 1946. More in ancient times, from Old English "Dran"or "Dræn", also from Proto-Germanic "Dran" and from Middle Dutch "Drane".

The idea of drones goes all the way back to the 1940s where they had proposed the idea of an unmanned combat aerial vehicle and it was created mostly for military purposes.

Now, it has evolved into this device that can do a variety of tasks including agriculture, public transportation, and filmography. While normal drones have been around for a while, waterproof drones are gravitating towards the mainstream market as it is extremely useful and efficient. 

Waterproof Drones for Fishing

waterproof drones for fishing

Yes, there are actual drones designed specifically for fishing! A lot of people prefer using drones as it helps them access further parts of the fishing area without risking or going through a lot of hassle. These drones can carry the fishing line, nets, bait and any other things. Though, keep in mind that these will affect your drone’s flight and battery life. 

Water Resistant Drones 

A water resistant drone is different from the waterproof drones because they’re not fully protected from water and are penetrable towards high water exposure. This drone is helpful for normal, waterless activities such as cycling, parties and casual hangouts. 

Waterproof Drone With Camera 

waterproof drone with camera

There’s a lot of drones in the market that comes with built-in cameras to make it easier for everyone. These built-in cameras often have a high-quality spec and are created to take all the different kinds of footages. 

Can Drones Fly In The Rain? 

Provided it is a water-resistant drone, it all depends on how heavy the rain is and from the wind speed. If it’s a light drizzle, your drone should be safe to fly around but heavy rain and thunderstorm is a big no-no. You should also understand the spec of your drones (wind resistance) and how durable it is to different kinds of weather.

Waterproof Drones That Follow You

Now that we’ve dived a little into the waterproof drones world and why they can be very useful, we should also know the various types of brands and products to choose from. Here are some of the recommended waterproof drones!

1. Swellpro Waterproof Splash Drone 3

waterproof drones that follow you

This waterproof drone comes with a built-in camera that can record a 4k HD resolution (Standard package does not include the Axis Gimbal 4k Camera Module, Payload Release Module and Ground Station Module).

The specs are basic and simple, with an averagely durable body and extended flight time. There are a lot of helpful features such as the Lost Drone Location Beacon option in case you lost control and accidentally drops it somewhere far. The remote control has also been upgraded to be smoother and easier to use plus, it can fly autonomously and follow you wherever you go. 

2. Swellpro Splash Drone 3

Waterproof Fishing Drone 

This product is specifically designed for fishing and it comes with the fishing line release mechanism, precise bait dropping, live HD video monitor, long flight range and a decent flight time. 

It is 100% waterproof and saltwater friendly! Something to keep in mind is that this drone needs to be manually directed before taking off, so getting the directions right early on is very important.

3. Spry Waterproof Drone

spry drone

The specs for this drone are very impressive and convincing. This waterproof drone holds a 4k 30FPS built-in camera and a 12MP quality for still shots. You don’t have to worry about storage and long footages as it comes with a 64GB SD card.

It also has a Wi-fi connection system, so you’ll be able to directly upload any shots you’ve taken to the internet! The camera has an intelligent stabilization system and a well-created camera dome to filter out harsh lightings and applies no distortion to your footages.

The Spry Drone also contains the following smart features such as:

Follow Focus

follow focus

Follow Orbit

follow orbit

Return To Boat

return to boat

With all these great perks comes the expensive cost. You’ll need to invest a lot in this drone and the availability in the common market is very little.

4. Goolsky JJRC H31

Water-Resistant Drone

This cost-friendly and attractive drone appeals to beginners and new drone fans out there! With the headless mode feature, customers are able to direct their drones efficiently.

There’s a one key return function which will definitely help you find your drone back in case of accidental losses. Updated to the recent technology, this drone is very stable, easily controlled and fun to play with.

As mentioned before, this drone is suitable for beginners as it doesn’t fly very fast and is not 100% waterproof, as indicated by the manufacturer. It should instead be classified as water-resistant. The battery life is short and it is also a little weak so you can’t put it under heavy activities such as fishing.

5. Goolsky Q353 Triphibian

This beautifully designed drone is built to support different flight areas such as the ground, air, and water. It is 100% waterproof and has built-in LED lights to help maneuver during night time. It is very suitable for kids or preteens as it has very easy controls and standard specs. 

Best Drone Brands

There’s a lot of drone brands to keep an eye on but one of the best brands include: 


SwellPro, founded by Eric Hu was the pioneer of waterproof drones. After witnessing a drone crashing into the sea, he was inspired to develop waterproof drones for everyone and now Swellpro has grown into a highly-established drone company.


Parrot is a French company founded in 1994 by Henry Seydoux. Generally creating advanced technology wireless products, Parrot is now one of the best drone manufacturers globally.


Yuneec, founded in Hong Kong back in 1999, started out as creators of remote-controlled aircraft. For over 15 years, they have grown into a leading company for electronic aviation.


GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman who was also a surfer, skier and motorsports enthusiast. The start of his idea is very interesting as it developed from a basic camera strapped onto his wrist into a now, high reputation action camera company.

Choosing The Right Drone 

Now that we’re all warmed up and finally better understanding the world of drones, we should get into some helpful facts and information about the specs and important features you need to get.

First of all, what is the purpose of your drone? Are you getting it for casual activities? Are you a passionate videographer and photographer? Are you using the drone for scientific research and purposes?

Also, where are your drones going to be most of the times? Flying high up? Underwater? Narrow and dangerous spots?

Drone with Camera

It really depends a lot on the purpose of your drone so for example, if you’re going to use it a lot for filming and taking shots, you’ll need to focus on the spec of the built-in camera.

camera drone

Camera Drone

Try searching for a drone with the highest resolution for a start. A good 1080p will do but for a serious and extremely professional crowd, you can always get a 4k HD resolution camera. The resolution side of the camera is very important, but, you also have to take into account the stabilizer and fluidity of the camera. Make sure the specs are sharp and are able to capture what you’re planning to.

If you want to film or shoot activities near the beach, a lake or probably anywhere with occasional rainfalls, you MUST consider buying a waterproof drone. Waterproof drones are everywhere and they come with amazing specs so this won’t be a problem for you!

Make sure to read the description of a product properly as there’s a difference between water-resistant and waterproof drones.

Water resistant drones are not 100% protected from water and are only good for little splashes and water drops. Waterproof drones, on the other hand, are completely safe from extreme water exposure and can be used for riskier activities.

When going through the specs, take into consideration how flexible you want your drone to be. A 2-axis gimbal is good for basic maneuver where it can rotate two ways but if you want your shots in a more secluded area and somewhere difficult you can always try a 3-axis or even better, a 4-axis gimbal drone.

3 axis gimbal 4k camera for splash drone 3

3 Axis Gimbal 4k Camera for Splash Drone 3

Automatic features are also very important such as a "follow me" option, in case you don’t want to be monitoring and controlling your drone all the time. There’s a lot of drones that has grown into an intelligent device providing features such as Auto Return Home, One Key Takeoff and Position Holding.

If your purpose requires a strong transmission system and a high-quality live footage, go ahead and search for drones with longer transmission ranges and great camera quality.

The efficiency of bringing your drone around is also vital, so make sure to get a drone with the appropriate mass and an easy structure to handle. One more thing to look out for is the flight time of your drone. Most drones have averagely 10-20 minutes of flight time so if you’re looking to send your drone somewhere far and record a footage, get yourself a drone with a long flight time.


questions and answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from drone users:

What should I do if sand gets into the motors?

A lot of people have had this problem previously and most have recommended using air compressors and little tweezers to get them out. Yes, this requires extreme patience and a lot of time so if you don’t have either one of them, consider sending them for repair to one of your local, trusted drone repair shops. You can also try and get the motors out and clean them on your own but it has a huge risk of you breaking the drone, so if this is not your area of expertise, do get them repaired by the professionals or have them replaced.

How do I wash the drone after flying in salty water?

If your drone is not salt-friendly, you have to use fresh water to wash off the salt in your drone. Before doing so, make sure you’ve turned off the device and taken the battery out. Shake off the excess water and wash it with fresh water before placing it in a plastic bag filled with rice. Make sure your drone is fully dried up and clean before turning it on again.

Is a waterproof drone available to set the moving boat as its Return-Home function?

The Return-Home function is available on a lot of waterproof drones but using it nearby a moving boat might be risky. The magnetic field around your boat might interrupt the drone’s signal and cause a little trouble. You can always reset your Return-Home point so the drone can always go back to new locations. You can also search for a 3rd party app to help you with the feature! 

Final Recommendation

Waterproof drones are the next big thing and it’s going to highly be used in the future. Getting ourselves a drone won’t only make our jobs easier but it’ll also add that little quality in every shot and footage.

There’s an obvious reason why drones are now going mainstream and beating other cameras not only among amateur and independent content creators but also among the commercial and scientific industry.

What we have now is only the start of a new era and jumping on board to cope with the latest technology is definitely worth your time.

Buy yourself one of the recommended drones such as the Spry Waterproof Drone which has an almost flawless spec and join the club of drone enthusiasts!