What Is The Best Mini Drone On The Market – Top 4 Picks

Over the last couples of years, there has been an increased use and production of mini drones. This increased use of mini drones in business, photography, military, farming etc. is because they are portable and compact in size hence they can be taken anywhere. This leads to the question: what is the best mini drone on the market?


They are gadgets that offer users a lot of fun both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, if you are a new pilot who is still learning how to fly drones, a mini- drone is the perfect tool that you can use to learn how to land, hover, roll, control pitch and yaw.

However, there are a lot of brands in the drone market currently. Manufacturers are competitively trying to outdo each other hence choosing one can be very difficult. To help you understand different features and functions of different drone models, below is a comprehensive review of the best mini drones.

What Is The Best Mini Drone On The Market

1. DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air is a foldable and portable drone that you can use to capture 12 MP photographs and 4K videos. Some of the features that make this mini drone to stand out include:

• TapFly

Its allows beginner drone pilots who are not familiar with joysticks to simply tap where they want to go and the drone will smoothly fly in that direction. TapFly allows pilots to fully focus on controlling of the gimbal and capturing of videos and photos.

• 3-Axis Gimbal-Stabilized Camera

DJI Mavic is the best 4k mini drone of its size that has a 3-axis mechanical camera system that captures high-quality 4k videos and 12mp photos even under high speeds. Using the OcuSync technology, this drone can cover an area range of 7 KM and record 1080p short-range Full HD videos or 720p long range HD videos.

• Long Duration of Flight

This mini- drone is designed with powerful high-efficiency hence it has the ability to attain an absolute-maximum flight-time of about 27 minutes with a maximum distance of 13 km.

• Double Set of Sensors

The most common type of drone problem is the sensor failing to work properly. Mavic has 2 sets of each sensor key for more reliability so that if one fails to work, the other sensor takes its place. Also, the sensors have a 3-Directional environment-sensors.

• Instruction Command

DJI Mavic is an amazing mini-drone that allows you to see the world through the eyes of a bird thanks to their super DJI goggles. It acts on every instruction instantly.

2. DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

DJI Spark is an agile, lightweight and portable mini quadcopter drone that can’t hold you back when it comes to adventure. The compact quadcopter which can be used both indoors and outdoors features​:

• 2-Axis Integrated Camera

DJI Spark has been designed with an integrated high precision camera that has a motorized stability to capture Full HD 1080p videos, 12 MP images as well as aerial selfies.

• Long Flying Time

The compact size of DJI Spark drone means that it can stay in the air for up to 16 minutes and achieve a top flying speed of up to 31 mph. The top speed and time spend on air appeals to different users including racers, photographers, FPV enthusiasts among others.

• Subject Tracking

Using the Vision- position based navigation system and GPS, this mini-drone can track its subject from various different angles.

• TapFly Control System

DJI Spark uses Tap fly control system that allows the pilot to simply tap the direction they want the drone to fly to. Its FlightAutonomy feature is used to detect obstacles in 3D.

3. ZeroTech DOBBY Pocket Drone

ZeroTech’s Dobby Pocket is a lightweight and portable mini-drone that usually unfolds its propeller arms just like a Swiss –Army Knife. Its main features include;

• High Precision Camera

Dobby Pocket Drone is designed with a 13 MP high-resolution camera that can capture multiple photos in different modes. The camera also has the ability to record 4k videos in 1080p HD. You can synchronize photos that are captured by the drone to your smartphone with just one click. Furthermore, the drone’s camera has a facial recognition feature and it can record short 10 second auto-follow videos.

• Android and iOS Compatible

This mini-drone can be controlled by an Android or iOS Smartphone via Wi-Fi, verbal commands or even by hand gestures.

• A Charging Dock and Removable Battery

Dobby uses a 970 mAh removable and rechargeable battery

• High-Quality Processor

This mini-drone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.3 GHz quad-core processor

• GPS Tracker

To track the whereabouts of your drone while its outside, Dobby uses a GPS Tracker which makes both palm and ground landings possible. For an optical-flow navigation while indoors, the drone relies on sonic and optical sensors which are located on the bottom side.

• Flying Time

ZeroTech - Dobby Pocket Drone has an average flying time of 10 minutes.

4. Immersion Vortex Mini Quadcopter

Immersion Vortex 180 Mini Quadcopter is a racing turbocharged–drone that is ready for any type of competition. The race-ready drone can be flown in a small park, garden, and other places. Its main features are:

• Twin–F3 Processors

The two F3 processors contain a synergy flight-controller that integrates an onboard video–transmitter and a full-graphic OSD. Using the latest Tramp HV Design, Immersion Vortex’s processors help to fully support BetaFlight and a fast loop time of 8 kHz.

• Full-Graphic OSD

Immersion RC Vortex is designed with an EzOSD pedigree which is used to provide critical parameters during in-flight sessions. Its sports menu allows all the options to be programmed using an LCD Screen, goggles, and R/C TX. The real-time user interface that has flight controller allows the pilot to change critical flight- parameters, F-18 displays and also to enable artificial horizons.

• Automatic Warnings

In order to keep the pilot updated, this mini-drone has automatic voltage and battery warnings as well as the remaining flight time.

• Electronic Stability Control

Immersion Vortex Mini Quadcopter uses the 3rd generation 16A –EZESC’s that support Oneshot125, OneShot42, DShot-600, rotorSENSE and Multishot

• Connections

This mini-drone can be directly connected to radio control protocols such as S-Bus, PPM, Spectrum and XBus receivers.